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Wet fueling San Francisco


Our Mobile Fueling Service Programs are designed for customers looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs in fleet and equipment operations.   Dogpatch Biofuels is equipped to ensure your program adheres to your operational schedule and is key to maximizing your workflow.  

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On-site Fleet Fueling Program:


Dogpatch Biofuels on-site fleet fueling programs are designed to allow transportation firms to focus on their service by reducing operational challenges, improving fleet performance, and reducing environmental hazards, all while reducing our customers carbon footprint and improving their sustainability practices. 

Mobile Fueling San Francisco
Renewable Diesel

On-site Pilot Programs:


Our Pilot Programs are designed for customers who are looking to verify the performance of our Ultra Clean Diesel and the benefits of an on-site fueling program. These programs are usually 6 months in duration. During the pilot, we can isolate a portion of your fleet to run on our non-petroleum Ultra Clean Diesel product and still deliver traditional diesel fuel to the rest of your fleet.  This allows our customers to see first-hand the performance, sustainability, and economic benefits of our designer fuel.

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