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Experience the future of sustainable energy with Dogpatch Biofuels' cutting-edge biofuel blend. This innovative blend consists of 20% Biodiesel and 80% Renewable Diesel.

At its core, this blend has been engineered for superior performance. With enhanced lubricity compared to renewable diesel alone, our blend not only ensures a smooth ride but is designed to improve your fleet's performance. Boasting Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that outshine petroleum diesel, our blend slashes carbon emissions by up to a staggering 60%, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to environmental preservation.

Moreover, our Ultra Clean Diesel Blend adheres to rigorous standards, meeting all ASTM requirements, including the D975 diesel standard. This means it's a ready-to-use, drop-in, fuel, requiring no modifications to your vehicles or equipment. Its seamless integration into existing systems makes adopting sustainable practices effortlessly convenient.

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