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Mobile Fueling San Francisco


Cardlock Services are offered to both our mobile fueling and non-mobile fueling commercial customers.


This service is meant to provide convenience and incentives to our commercial users including fuel volume discounts. Customers will be provided with a proprietary card  that will allow them to access these benefits at our station located at 765 Pennsylvania Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94107.

Diesel Fuel Station San Francisco

Commercial Customers

(non-mobile fueling customers):


This program is designed specifically for our commercial customers that are not at the scale for a mobile fueling program or such a program does not make sense for your fleet as your vehicles may be in continuous use in the field or assigned to an employee.



Volume Fuel Discounts, Monthly Billing, Fuel use tracking and Reporting 

Mobile Fueling Customers:


This service is largely offered to our Mobile Fuel Contracts as a convenience for vehicles in the field needing to refuel or an emergency situation where a fleet vehicle needs to be deployed and may not have received fuel the previous day.

Diesel Fuel Fuel San Francisco

Is your company looking to become a Dogpatch Commercial User in order to reduce your carbon footprint, support domestic energy,  support  local business, increase contracting compliance, and/or improve your bottom line? Please fill out the contact form below. 

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