Dogpatch Biofuels Eco-Store

storeThe Dogpatch Biofuels general eco-store is currently closed. We hope to reopen the store in the future.

It carried all sorts of products to support your healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. We've also got a great selection of delicious cold beverages and snacks, including many made from organic and fair trade ingredients.

Take a look at the kinds of things you'll find in our store:

  • Bio Lighter eco-friendly and odor-free charcoal lighter fluid
  • cold beverages like Kombucha, Reed's Ginger Brew, and Adina
  •  fair trade and organic chocolate bars
  •  tasty snack foods like organic Kettle chips and Stonewall's Jerquee
  •  compostable, corn-based Bio-Bags for your garbage, kitchen compost, and dog waste
  •  handmade and local goods, including hats and soap
  •  durable and stylish reusable water bottles by Earthlust
  •  cool cookbooks, and books about biodiesel and environmental living
  •  Here is a list of Hard to Find Auto Products available at the Dogpatch eco-store:
  •  Eco-Touch products for cars:
               Metal & Chrome Polish
               Dashboard Protect
               Waterless Car Wash
               Microfiber Towels
  •  Power Service:
               Clear Diesel - Fuel & Tank Cleaner
               Diesel Kleen 32oz & 16oz
               Diesel Fuel Supplement
               B100 Fuel Quality Test Kit
               Mann Filters: PF1055/1x; WK716- BIO
  •  Misc:
               Inline Fuel Filters
               American Specialty: Wonder Pump
               Pentosin: Pento High Performance II 5W40 Oil -VW Spec 505.01 (2004-2006)
               (PD)- 1 Litre
               Total Quartz Energy 5W40 - VW Spec 505.00 (1998-2003) - 5 Litre
  •  Old & New Carboy Nozzles

Got an idea for something you'd like to see in the store, a great locally-made product, or something you can't find anywhere else? Please tell us about it.