Dogpatch Biofuels
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Dogpatch Biofuels

San Francisco's only public biodiesel station

Dogpatch Biofuels is a sustainable biodiesel filling station and eco-friendly convenience store. We're San Francisco's first and only public, retail biodiesel-specific filling station. We offer B99.9 biodiesel from local and recycled sources. Why biodiesel? Click here! We are also an official residential used cooking oil collection site for San Francisco Greasecycle. Proper oil disposal can save millions of dollars for our city's public utilities, and Greasecycle helps turn your waste oil into biodiesel. You can drop off your used cooking oil in a non-breakable, sealed container at Dogpatch any time during our business hours.

Current Biodiesel Price: $4.89/gal

For fleet pricing contact us

current biodiesel price

Our eco-friendly convenience store carries all sorts of organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly products to support a healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. We also have great cold drinks and snacks!

Fueling Hours

11:00AM - 6:00PM


except major holidays

24hr access available with signup*

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*Signup for the additional 24 HOUR ACCESS functionality at our new payment terminal has a one-time nonrefundable setup fee of $35 per Visa/Mastercard programmed for access, and must be done in person during station hours. A basic User Group Agreement must already be on file with the station before upgrading to 24 hour access. (To be clear, the basic User Group Agreement required to fuel during the station's attended open hours is, as always, FREE.) All new 24 hour access members are required to go through a very brief unattended fueling training session which, along with the rest of the setup process, usually takes less than 10 minutes.*


Our biodiesel is made from 100% recycled waste vegetable oils, meets all ASTM standards, and is sourced locally.

Located at 765 Pennsylvania Ave. between 22nd and 23rd streets, and just above the 22nd St. Caltrain station.